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3 Reasons to Choose King-Size Mattresses

We spend nearly one third of our life asleep. With so much time spent sleeping, we should take careful consideration into our choice of mattresses! Here at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., we offer different sizes of mattresses, each with their own unique purposes. For most adults, however, a king-size mattress should be the easy decision of choice! Here are a few reasons for you to consider king-size mattresses the next time you go mattress shopping.

  1. Size, size, size! King-size mattresses are not leaps and bounds larger than other mattresses, but once you have gotten used to the extra space of king-size mattresses, you will find other mattress sizes to feel a little cramped! King-sized mattresses can truly make you feel like you are sleeping like royalty.
  2. Better sleep. Many couples have issues sleeping due to disturbances by partners. Whether you sleep next to someone who is very wiggly at night or if they like to sleep like a starfish, king-sized mattresses allow more room for both parties to have some movement without disturbing the other. If you sleep alone, king-size mattresses are still very beneficial! You can sleep however you want, spread out or tucked in where ever you want, allowing you to sleep at your most comfortable.
  3. Allows for co-sleeping. Whether it is a child who wakes you up because of a nightmare or a dog wanting to join you for a nap, king-size mattresses make co-sleeping less of a disturbance due to the extra space.