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Four Tips for a Smooth Furniture Delivery Day

It’s furniture delivery day, but how can homeowners effectively prepare? Taking these simple steps before furniture delivery can minimize stress and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. Here are four strategies that can help make your furniture delivery day as seamless as possible.

  1. Measure First. Before ordering your furniture, measure where you would like the furniture placed and the path to get there. Remember to measure doorways and stairways to make sure they are large enough. Some furniture can be disassembled, but others cannot be taken apart.
  2. Communication is Key. After ordering the furniture, we will be in contact with you about delivery times. It’s important to be aware of these updates. We work with our customers to accommodate changes in schedule.
  3. Clear the Delivery Path. Before the arrival of the furniture, make sure the pathway that our delivery team will take to bring your furniture into your home is clear. This includes the driveway and sidewalks outside. Inside, it’s helpful to remove mirrors or picture frames from walls and remove accent rugs, which could cause someone to trip.
  4. Prepare for Delivery Day. On the day of delivery, someone over 18 years old is required to be onsite to accept it. Small children and pets should be out of the way. Once the furniture is delivered, inspect it before signing off on it.

At Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., we strive to make your furniture delivery as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We are a family-owned business and will provide free furniture delivery within 30 miles of Mooresville, North Carolina. If you need us to haul away your old furniture, we will do that too. Visit our showroom to see our latest selection.