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Are Dinettes Right for You?Have you ever been in a home with two different eating areas? They typically have a nicer-looking table and chairs in a dining room, where you’ll likely also find the fine China, and you’ll also find a simpler table in the kitchen. The dining room table might be saved for company or dinners, while the kitchen table is used for everything else.

That kitchen table is also commonly known as a dinette, or a smaller, simpler version of a dining table. Here is how to decide if a dinette would work well in your home.

  • You have extra space in your kitchen: Dinettes can be perfect additions when you find you have extra space in your kitchen. That way, you can use your dinette for quick mealtimes, homework, and game nights and leave the dining room table for fancier meals and gatherings.
  • You’re limited on space: Dinettes can also be the perfect solution to a smaller dining area because they are often smaller and simpler compared to your typical dining table.
  • You want something different: Dinettes can also be fun additions to your home because you can choose a counter-height option, which would be taller than your typical dining sets. This can easily set your eating space apart and make homework time or quick mealtimes more interesting.
  • You need extra places for entertaining guests: Dinettes are also great additions to existing dining room furniture, so you can have the additional space to entertain more guests.

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