Lamps 101: How to Get Your Lighting Right

Lamps and lighting can illuminate your space and provide the right amount of lighting for safety, productivity, and ambience. The trick is using enough lamps in the right spots. If you want to know how to incorporate more lamps into your d├ęcor, here are a few of our recommendations:

  • You should use a relatively equal mix of floor and table lighting throughout your space. Make sure each piece offers something uniquely interesting, so it contributes to the overall design of the area.
  • Instead of going crazy for canned lighting, use this lighting source sparingly. Instead, opt for more lamps throughout your space to illuminate the area in a stylish way.
  • Lamps are often available in a variety of colors. If you use a certain color of lamp in one area, don’t be afraid to try out another color in a different spot. With a few mismatched items, rooms often feel more interesting and layered.
  • Get the proportions of your table lamps right. When seated or standing, you shouldn’t be able to see the neck of the lightbulb. If you can, the lamp base is likely too long and the shade is too short.
  • Allow your lamps to make a statement in the room. Not only are lamps functional, but they can also have a presence in any room if allowed to act as a design piece.

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