Mattresses: Signs That Yours is Causing Back Pain

Here at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., we understand the importance of good mattresses. Health professionals consistently state that getting good, restful sleep is essential for maintaining your overall health, and poor-quality mattresses have been known to affect the quality of your sleep and even cause pain.

In this article, our team will go over a few signs that your mattress may be causing your back pain—if you suspect this to be the case, we encourage you to stop by our store to replace your old mattress as soon as possible.

  • You Wake Up in Pain- If you start feeling back pain right after waking up, there’s a good chance that your mattress is the root cause of the problem. You would expect that the pain would start later in the day if it was caused by something else.
  • You Feel Like You are Sinking into the Bed- Another sign that your mattress may be causing your back pain is feeling like you are sinking into the bed, or even being swallowed by it. If you experience this sensation when you lie on your mattress, it means that the mattress is too soft to give your body—and especially your spine—the support it needs to remain in a neutral position all night.
  • You Toss and Turn- While some people are more “active” sleepers than others and will likely turn a few times as they settle down to sleep, if you continuously toss and turn because you can’t get comfortable, your mattress is probably to blame. This endless tossing and turning is caused by the mattress putting pressure on your body, which can lead to back pain if you have to put up with that pressure night after night.

If you need a new mattress, come see us at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc. We have a large selection of mattresses and can help you find the perfect one for you!