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Picking the Best Choice for Your Storage Needs

Dressers are a very versatile piece of furniture that people can use in virtually any room. Not only are they wonderful for storage, but dressers also provide a top that can be used for décor or as a purposeful workspace. When selecting a dresser, there are many different factors that will need to go into your decision. Here at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., we believe in choosing quality pieces that will work with your space and storage needs. We have a few tips that we hope will help you in picking the best choice for your storage needs.

First, use the old adage of woodworkers to “measure twice” before selecting your dresser. Decide upon a dresser that will fit your space needs in height, width and depth before you go shopping. If your dresser is for the bedroom, select a section of wall that will provide you with enough room for opening and closing drawers.

Second, consider your storage needs. Selecting a dresser to hold a collection of heirloom quilts from a grandparent is going to be vastly different than selecting a dresser that needs to house an extensive collection of smaller clothing items like scarves or socks. Some dressers will have a combination of large and small drawers while other dressers will not give you that choice.

Finally, choose dressers based on quality. Dressers, particularly in bedrooms, are one of the most often utilized pieces of the furniture and should be built with quality to withstand frequent use.

We hope that these tips have been helpful if you are looking at dressers in the near future. For more information, please contact us today.