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Recliners in Every Style for Every Lifestyle

There’s a reason why recliners are one of the most popular furniture items for living spaces. Recliners are down-right comfortable! There are many options and upgrades to choose from, but at its most basic, a recliner is a chair that has a footrest that rises from the front of the chair and a back that moves backward, allowing you to recline when you sit in it.

When you are looking at recliners to purchase, you should consider the following:

  • Is it American made?
  • How does it sit?
  • What kind of upholstery is right for you? There are nearly endless options. One big decision is whether you would prefer leather or fabric. Then you have to consider fabric type and color, among other things.

As you are shopping, make sure you really take time to evaluate the recliner before you buy it.