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Spotlight on Vaughan-Bassett Furniture

Brand loyalty is an interesting thing. Most of us have a favorite vehicle manufacturer, toilet paper brand, and even a mayonnaise or ketchup brand we’d never be without. With other things, however, you might have an eclectic mix of brands. This is often the case as you purchase furniture for your home. In fact, if you were pressed to say what brands you have, you might not be able to do it.

What you might be missing out by not paying attention to furniture brands is having cohesiveness in each room or even throughout your home. If you were to choose a favorite brand, you could come closer to the overall look you would love to achieve. With that said, there are definitely many different furniture manufacturers to choose from, so it can be a good idea to take an in-depth look at some of the best. Let’s begin by discussing Vaughan-Bassett Furniture with its more than 100-year history of crafting quality furniture.

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture is based in Galax, Virginia, so you can feel good about working with an American company. Another thing that you can feel good about is that they are dedicated to keeping a low carbon footprint. For example, they replace every tree that they use to create their furniture. If you are looking for a combination of beautiful aesthetics and solid wood for your bedroom furniture, you are going to love that this company is the largest maker of solid wood bedroom sets made in the United States. Vaughan-Bassett Furniture has styles to please most everyone across their four brands: Vaughan-Bassett, Centennial Solids, Artisan & Post, and LM Co.

At Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., located in Downtown Mooresville, North Carolina, we offer a no-pressure sales environment where you can get the answers you seek about Vaughan-Bassett Furniture and view their bedroom collections in our 14,000-square-foot showroom. With more than 60 years of serving our community, we have become a trusted source for quality furniture. Stop by today!