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Trends in Living Room Chair and Sofa Upholstery

Remember when the main reason for custom upholstery was so every piece of furniture in your living room could have the same exact fabric? While it is still a good reason to purchase living room furniture with chair and sofa upholstery options, there is a new trend you might find interesting. It is now completely acceptable to mix and match fabrics. Not only can you do different colors of the same design or have a solid chair with patterned sofa upholstery, but you can also mix materials. In fact, you can even mix materials on the same single piece of furniture for a stunning and unique effect.

When mixing and matching chair and sofa upholstery, be sure to think about how the colors will go together. Do you prefer contrasting or complementary colors? The eclectic look of mix and match allows for either. It also allows for using two different patterns or mixing solid with a pattern. If you are looking for something to make a bold statement, consider using a non-traditional type of fabric on a more traditional furniture style. Mixing fabrics is also a great way to incorporate a pricier fabric without bearing the cost of having it be the sole chair and sofa upholstery in the room.

Here at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., you’ll find top American-made living room furniture brands to choose from and our custom chair and sofa upholstery services will ensure you get the final results you desire, whether you want to embrace the growing trend of mix and match or keep the same fabric throughout. We have served the Mooresville, North Carolina area for more than 64 years with uncompromising service and quality. Come shop our 14,000-square-foot showroom and meet our talented staff.