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Buyer’s Guide to Mattresses

Our team at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc. wants to help you make your home as comfortable as possible, and few things are as important to your overall comfort levels than your mattress. If you are in the market for a new mattress, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options available. To help make your selection process easier, our team has put together this brief guide to some of the most popular types of mattresses on the market today.

  • Innerspring Mattresses- One of the most popular types of mattress on the market is the innerspring, or coil, mattress. While there are many variations on this design, the basic principle stays the same–innerspring mattresses contain coils of steel wire that compress as you put weight on them, and these coils provide support to the sleeper.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses- Another popular choice for mattresses is memory foam. This material was developed by NASA in 1966 and is now used in a wide variety of applications, including cushions and mattresses. Memory foam conforms to the shape of the sleeper, creating a sensation of being cradled that appeals to many people. One drawback of memory foam is that it tends to trap heat, which has led to the development of gel in mattresses to keep you cooler.
  • Hybrid Mattresses- As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses combine the best features of traditional innerspring mattresses with newer memory foam ones. These mattresses contain a core of steel coils, topped by a layer of memory foam to provide that additional comfort and support.