How Reclining Lift Chairs Can Help an Aging Person

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We are all going to get older, and as much as we try to slow time down, it keeps on marching on! When aging seems to sneak up on you, the signs tend to appear gradually. Sometimes it’s a gray hair or a wrinkle and other times it’s realizing that you can’t read things closely anymore. Another thing that happens as we age is that we often have a decrease in our mobility. If you, a parent, spouse or loved one is having a difficult time getting around, take a look at how reclining lift chairs can be helpful.

How Reclining Lift Chairs Can Help an Aging Person

First, reclining lift chairs allow for more mobility. Instead of needing a few practice lifts before you are actually able to get out of a chair, reclining lift chairs will gently raise or lower at the touch of a button. Instead of a quick, risky movement to get up, you instead can enjoy a gradual rising movement that will help keep you or your loved one steady.

Second, reclining lift chairs are great for individuals who are recovering from surgery. Many different surgeries make recovery a tricky process, especially once you have arrived back home. With reclining lift chairs, any limited mobility can be addressed until healing has progressed. Additionally, because reclining lift chairs recline to almost flat, many people are able to comfortably sleep and rest in them.

Third, reclining lift chairs decrease the possibility of pressure sores. When someone is forced to sit in the same position because they cannot easily or comfortably shift positions, they are at risk for bed sores. Just the shifting from sitting to reclined and back again can reduce this problem.

At Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., there are many different reclining lift chairs for you to choose from. Please come and see us today to learn more about the benefits that come along with this furniture piece.