Keep Your Furniture Looking Like New with These Basic Care Tips

Quality furniture is a significant investment, and you want to maintain its beauty, so it lasts and continues to provide your living space with functionality and aesthetic appeal. With the right care techniques, you can meet both of these goals. Here are just a few basic care steps we recommend for your furniture:

  • Sunlight causes fading, so never place your furniture in the path of direct sunlight.
  • Place your furniture away from air conditioning units, radiators, and HVAC vents to prevent extreme alterations in temperature.
  • Certain plastics contain substances that can damage the finish on your furniture, so take care not to place rubber or plastic materials, like placemats, notebooks, lamp bases, etc., on your furniture.
  • If you place decorative accessories on your furniture, rotate them periodically, so they do not sit in the same spot on an ongoing basis.
  • Use felt, cloth, or pads to protect the surface of your furniture pieces from beverages, hot dishes, vases, flowerpots, and anything else that could potentially cause damage.
  • If something spills on your furniture, clean it up immediately. Instead of using a wiping action for liquids, use a blotting motion.
  • Instead of dragging your furniture across the floor, always lift it up and place it carefully in the next spot.

We’d be happy to give you more information about protecting your furniture from damage, so you can maintain your investment. Contact us at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc. today!