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Three Reasons You Should Buy from a Furniture Store

Have you been considering buying new furniture for your home, but you haven’t been able to decide on anything that really meets your needs? Are you tired of looking at furniture that isn’t going to hold up to your family’s busy lifestyle? When it comes to replacing your old furniture, having something that will last may be important to you. One way you can enjoy your new furniture longer is by shopping at a furniture store, rather than a traditional big box store. Here are three reasons why you may wish to go this route:

1.  Quality – Many furniture pieces sold in big box stores are made of thin particle board and aren’t designed to provide long-lasting use. A furniture store will have items that are often made of real wood and will be durable enough to handle anything you family has to offer.

2.  Cost – This may seem counterintuitive, but the cost is an important factor when you shop at a furniture store. While you may pay more up front for your new furniture selections, you’ll also find that this is the more cost-effective method because you won’t need to replace your furniture as often.

3.  Service – Lastly, you may find that the service at a furniture store far exceeds that at a big box store. Rather than putting your furniture together yourself or having to haul away your older items, you may receive free haul away and your furniture delivery team can help assemble your new pieces at your home.

We believe you’ll see a big difference in our quality and services when you shop with us at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc. In fact, many of our brands are made in America. Come by and see us today to find your new furniture for your home.