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You’ve had the same mattress for twenty years and you feel like it’s your “old faithful friend.” You always know exactly how to sleep so that you are comfortable, and there is a body-shaped indention in the middle of the bed that’s just your size. But what if those qualities you love so much are also what are causing your backaches, inability to get a good night’s rest, and other problems associated with your sleeping arrangements? Is it really time to replace old faithful?

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Mattresses

Like many other things in your home, your mattresses may also reach the end of their true lifetime, even though you have kept them well beyond their years of comfort. But how do you know that it’s really time to replace them? First of all, if your mattress is lumpy, bumpy, and otherwise uncomfortable, then it’s definitely time for a replacement! However, there can be other more subtle signs that you may need new mattresses, as well. For example, if you have noticed that your normal sleeping position is no longer comfortable and/or you never seem to feel like you got a good night’s rest, your mattresses could be to blame. While sleeping on the couch may seem like a viable option, is this really a sacrifice that you should have to make?

The firmness of your mattress can also affect your sleeping abilities, and if your mattress is too soft or has become worn out in various places, you may not be getting the quality sleep you deserve. Shopping at a furniture store where you can test out the mattresses that feel the best will help you replace this important sleeping equipment more easily.

The good news is that replacing your mattresses will lead to years of comfort and sleeping bliss, so don’t wait if you have begun to notice the signs. You’ll find a great selection with us at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc., and we’ll be happy to help you get on your way to a good night’s rest.cn