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Tips for Furnishing Your Home Office

Most of us have little say when it comes to the furniture and décor of the office at which we work, but it is a real gamechanger when you get the pleasure of setting up a home office. You are the one in control of how the space looks and functions. Here are a few tips for furnishing your home office so that you can be comfortable, productive, efficient, and happy.

  • Choose a desk based on tasks- What works well for a laptop might not be as ergonomically suitable for using the keyboard of a PC, and vice versa. In addition, think about what else you’ll be doing at your desk. Do you need enough space for an open binder, for example? In addition, think about space needs for other electronics, such as a scanner, telephone, and printer.
  • Choose a comfortable chair- The more hours you plan to work in your home office, the more important it is for the chair to be comfortable and provide the support for your back that will help you avoid fatigue and back pain. Think about features such as lumbar support, multiple adjustment options, and whether you want arms, no arms, or arms that can be swung up out of the way when desired.
  • Choose storage options- There are many different ideas for storage in a home office, including filing cabinets and bookcases. You can also think outside the box and use a dresser, chest, or entertainment center.
  • Go beyond the furniture- You want to make your space fit your personality, so don’t forget to consider the finishing touches, such as framed art, decorative lamps, décor items, and perhaps a houseplant or two. Speaking of the lamps, you definitely want to be sure you have adequate lighting, be it from a natural source, desk lamp, or overhead lighting.

If you would like assistance in selecting furniture for your home office, reach out to us at Gibson Brothers Furniture Inc. We are happy to help you with furniture for any room of your home so that working from home is as enjoyable as possible. We can help you get the right combination of comfort and functionality so you can be as successful working from home as you were at the office, or even more so!